Allen + Ha Ly’s Wedding Film | Pismo Beach, CA

We’ve been so busy working hard behind the scenes. We’ve also been traveling all over, and even got the chance to work the Golden State Warriors! We’ll be posting a lot of work from the past couple of months. Stay tuned! We’re really excited to share a special Visual Poets wedding film with you guys. We can’t really say enough about these two.They’re one the sweetest couples we’ve ever met, and to have been able to document their day is truly an honor.

We actually met Allen back in 2012 when we documented his best friend’s wedding, who was a fellow wedding cinematographer. Allen works in the advertising industry, and for him to approach us meant a lot. Might we add, a lot of pressure as well! These two had a beautiful wedding celebration in Pismo Beach. They were surrounded by close family and friends who showed them a lot of love.

We must say that this group knows how to have a good time. They’re also a tight group of friends who’ve known each other for a while. We loved this wedding so much. From their vows, the location, the funny and heartfelt speeches, the cute little flower girls, the special dances, and more. We were truly blessed with beautiful light that day. We managed to grab the newlyweds and bring them out to the beach for one last private moment. Throughout the day, Allen and Ha Ly took every opportunity to slow down and be present together, and we believe that shows what kind of couple they really are. We hope you guys enjoy their film!



Diana + Tony’s Wedding Film | Francisan Gardens

We’d like to share with you today the very beautiful, the very moving wedding film of Tony and Diana! A beautiful celebration we were honored to be a part of. By far one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve documented to date. The location, the lanterns, and the people! Press play to see what we’re talking about. :) We hope you enjoy viewing this beautiful couple’s film. Congrats again to the beautiful couple!

Planner/Coordinator: kellydupratweddingplanner.com/
Photography: Honey Honey Photography hoooney.com/
Cinematography: Visual-Poets.com



Jimmy + Cara’s Wedding Highlights | Hornblower Cruise | San Francisco, CA

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re excited to share with you a beautiful San Francisco Wedding! We loved this couple for so many reasons. This was also our first time shooting a wedding on a cruise ship! Press play to see some magic, and we hope you enjoy! Congrats again to Jimmy & Cara!

The Ingredients for this wedding:
Planning/Coordinating: Ahhaevents.com/
Photographer: danielpchanphotography.com/
Venue: Hornblower Cruises & Events San Francisco
Cinematography: Visual Poets
Floral: Bell and Trunk Flowers



Loan + Andre’s Wedding Film | Carpe Diem | Cabo, Mexico

If you have a wedding celebration in Mexico, this is what it should look like.

Get to know Loan and Andre.

They’re such awesome individuals, but WAY awesome when they’re together.

Everyone LOVES them.

Like, seriously.

Loan is a pharmacist, and Andre is a photographer.

They just temporarily quit their jobs to travel the world for half a year.

Wow, right?

They got to see the Northern Lights and swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, and are now in Berlin, Germany!

Loan also recently cut a good chunk of her hair to donate to Wigs for Kids. She’s so sweet.

I told you they’re awesome.

“Seize your someday” is their life motto, and they live up to it!

#Relationshipgoals Heck, #Marriagegoals!

But on a more serious note, we had a great time documenting Loan & Andre’s wedding in Cabo, Mexico. Their friends and family were very friendly and inviting. It did not feel like work at all. This wedding film means a lot to me because Andre was there from the start of my career. In fact, he helped shoot my first video back in 2006! I’m seriously proud and honored to have been able to document their special day. As you can see, it was WILD. Have you ever seen a bridal party and their guest jump into a pool in their formal attire? Rules were definitely broken! Overall, it was such a fun and amazing wedding. We are lucky to have been a part of it.

Photography by: Junshien Photography



Diana + Joseph | Wedding Teaser | Vibiana | Los Angeles, CA

We’re thrilled to share with you a wedding teaser from Diana + Jo’s luxury wedding shot recently in LA! Each little detail from this wedding was thought out carefully. We’re blessed to have been a part of this stunning couple’s special day. Press play to see some magic! We hope you like it. :)

The ingredients for this wedding:
Venue: Vibiana
Planner/Designer: A Good Affair, Wedding and Event Production
Photography: Callaway Gable
Cinematography: Visual Poets
MUA: Patrick Ta & @Beautybylaurac
DJI/Lighting: elevatedpulsepro.com/



Barshawn + Kathleen | An Adventure Wedding Film | San Francisco & Thailand

You guys know anyone who’s crazy enough to fly out to Thailand the next morning after their SF wedding, only to have another one there? Yeah…crazy.

We really don’t know where to begin, but we want to start off by sharing a film of two amazing people who mean the world to us. Being able to put together their wedding film has been such an honor, as we’ve witnessed their love blossom from the very beginning.

These two have experienced some of the most difficult times, such as Barshawn being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer three years ago. But you know, he didn’t fight alone, they fought it together, and three years later, he is still cancer free till this day. They are so amazing together.

These two had such a memorable celebration for their wedding(s). They started off with a wedding in San Francisco, and a destination wedding in Thailand, all in the same weekend! So you can imagine the chaos of planning this whole thing.

The events included:
-San Francisco Wedding
-Adventures/Traditional Thai ceremony in Bangkok/Muay Thai boxing
-Reception on Trang Island
-Cave adventures/Island hopping
-Chiangmai: Elephant riding, zip lining and more.

Wow, right?

Big shout out to Andre Nguyen Photography! He was there since the very beginning documenting their proposal, and finally their weddings! We were so glad you could join us on this epic adventure. You two are amazing.

See the photos here: Thailand Wedding



Melissa + Robert | Wedding Highlights | Cornerstone Gardens | Sonoma, CA

Check out Robert & Melissa’s Highlight Film shot at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma, CA! They were such a fun couple to work with, and we had a great time documenting their wedding. We hope you enjoy it! Congratulations, Robert & Melissa!




Check out Tony & Diana’s live wedding music video! Yes! This video was shot in one take. There was no rehearsal or practice. All on the fly. It was awesome to see all the guest involved and everyone had a blast. We came across Robert Ly’s wedding music video and it looked like so much fun, and the couple wanted one for theirs, too! Thank you everyone for participating! We hope you enjoy! Congrats again, Tony & Diana!



Bloomreach Culture

Aside from shooting weddings, we also produce content for corporations. We had the opportunity to produce a culture video for Bloomreach Inc. It all started off with an idea, which then resulted to this video. It was a fun experience working with their entire staff. We wanted to show you what it’s like to work at Bloomreach. Check out the video, and we hope you enjoy it!



Ed + Sue May | Wedding Highlights | SF Design Center

Meet Ed & Sue May. They’re a suuuuuuper cute couple. Their smiles are contagious, and they complement one another. They’re both in the medical field! While Ed is an anesthesiologist, Sue May is a physical therapist. Congrats on finishing, you two! They both have stressful jobs, yet they still know how to have fun with each other. They’re so good at it! While I respect their jobs, I do believe they should become professional dancers. Like, forreal. :D I met Sue May back in 2012 when I documented her friend’s wedding. Fast forward to 2013, I documented her older sister’s wedding. April 2015, it was finally her turn! I met Ed on the wedding day, and he is such a cool easy going dude. He’s really chill, and it’s really hard not to like him! You’ll always find Ed smiling. You’ve got to teach me some of your cool moves! Overall, it was such a beautiful celebration for these two. Did I mention they had a special choreographed dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”? IT. WAS. AMAZING. It completely blew everyone away. I thank you guys for the hospitality, and for the continuous support throughout the years. I hope this brings you guys back! Congrats again. :)



Flying Over the Golden Gate Bridge

Here are a few shots we did over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.

We hope you enjoy!



Jiamee + Micah  From Tuscany with Love | Destination wedding Italy

We have officially launched! Thank you for stopping by. Please stay tuned for more updates!For now, please enjoy a wedding film that we shot in Tuscany, Italy. You’re going to fall in love with this couple.